*Please understand that most of the birds or small animals that come in have been abused, neglected or have never had medical care and that they will need allot of patience and tender loving care. For this reason we require that;

Candidates should be aware the following Pre- Qualifications

Qualifications for Adoption:

• We recommend that all adopters be the minimum age of 27 years.
• You must allow us to conduct home visits prior to being introduced to an available parrot for adoption. (No exceptions)
• Reside in your residence for at least four months.
• We will Never place any bird with any home that houses any breed or mix breed of Terrier dog or dachshund dogs. These two breeds have an instinctive gene that will make them eventually kill parrots. There’s over a decade of documented proof of bird tragedies. Because of this proven fact we will not place any bird with any home that houses theses breeds. (Sorry)
• We will not adopt a bird to a 3rd party. (No gifting of parrots)
• The Primary adopter must work under forty two hours a week.
• We won’t be able to place a bird in any household that currently has over six indoor pets. Our Parrots need a nourishing environment with a regular routine.
• We will conduct one interview at a time, deciding on each person and or family or situation will be the ideal home for all adoptable birds. Please be advised that some birds have a background were they have special needs or fears of certain animals or humans. In this situation, we will only place a bird within the needs of the bird first.
• We also recommend you select a God Parent prior to committing to adopt our available parrot. If you do not have a God Parent for your newly adoptive bird we require you sign an agreement that we are grandfathered in as the God parent for your new bird incase of any emergency.

• We also recommend that you introduce your new bird to you bird sitter 30 days before any vacation. In addition, the sitter should handle and inter act with your new parrot for a total of at least 30 mins and two visits.
• We will expect you to be honest about your budget. If you decide that you want to adopt a Parrot in need of a new stable home. Please be truthful with us. if you can afford the care and vetting required for any animal. *We are happy to work with some low income situations, for some of our smaller orphaned parrots.
• Again; It is highly unlikely that we will place any bird with anyone who currently owns any breed of Terrier dog or Dachshund dog.( We will make exceptions of these two breeds of dogs upon the home visit)  (These breeds have a poor history of being friendly to parrots)
• In addition; It is unlikely that we will place a second chance parrot in a home that currently house’s more than four parrots, and or more than three children under the age of sixteen.

Adoption Policies
Requirements and Qualifications

Candidates should be aware the following Pre- Qualifications

• We do not place our exotic birds to any animal breeders, pet stores, or individuals that sell live domestic animals.
• We will not place a bird to a business that wants the bird as a store mascot.
• We will not supply mutable or mass pictures or videos of adoptable animals through the internet in advance.
• We are looking for permanent placements for our adoptable parrots that can ensure a lifelong home adoption.
• Please also understand that adoption fees are non refundable.
• All adopted parrots are expected to be kept in the same care as when they leave us, if not better care.
• Surprise Home visits do occur. If we find our placed parrot in unsuitable conditions we will take the bird back.( Escorted by law enforcement if necessary ) We take our placement very seriously
*All adopters must sign this agreement before placement. No exceptions.

We need to meet any children that currently live in your household. *We discourage or rather would not place a second chance bird in a high traffic home that has any children under the age of 16. The only exception will  be for well mannered children. (We must meet them first) 

*(This is of course depends on the parrots background) We would like to meet the children before placement. In addition, we understand the special needs of most of our second chance parrots. They will need a routine household, with a calm environment. This will help them acclimate to their new home with minimal future behavioral problems.

Considering being a Foster Home?

We are always in need of experienced foster homes for orphaned parrots.

Please be aware that we require stricter regulations for our foster homes than our standard adoption application.

*Thank you for reviewing these policies in advance of filling out our adoption application.

If you strongly feel that you can offer one of our parrots a good home under these restrictions, then please fill out our adoption application and send it to us as soon as you can.

Please be patience, try to restrain from advertising to adopt a bird until we have had a chance to meet you in person.