Wild Baby Bird Formula

Song Bird Feeding Formula and Supply list

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Supply list:

Small bag of Kitten dry kibble or Science Cat Food
Fresh eggs
Liquid Bird vitamins
1 small container of Plain NON Flavored Yogurt
1- 2.5 oz. jar Gerber chicken #chicken or Turkey sticks
1 – 10 Ml syringe with a 3 inch of clear ¼” tubing
2 – 2 cup ceramic bowls
1- Coffee Cup
1 Cup of dry Science cat food (original) or Kitten dry kibble 
 1 1/4 c. hot water
 Total of 3000 mg. of Calcium tables (Like) Tums Smoothies (I use 3-4 tablets)
 1/2 tsp. yogurt (Plain Yogurt) (Do Not use Activia)
 1 – 2.5 oz. jar Gerber chicken #1 blend or Chicken or Turkey Sticks 
 10 drops bird vitamins or 2 grams of Formula one power (1/4 teaspoon) You can purchase on line from the manufacturer : http://www.avitec.com 
  1/4 c. egg white (I use white of 1 egg) or dry egg white (Blend in high-end blender)
1 – 10 ML syringe with a 3 inch piece of clear ¼” tubing
2 – 2 cup ceramic bowls

Preparation mixture sequence:

A.)    If possible puree powder blend cat food & Calcium tables into a power with a blender. Or soak dry cat food in hot water and mush into paste adding small amounts of water before straining.
B.)   Add 2.5 oz. jar Gerber chicken #1 OR chicken meat sticks, then blend and mix into hot water before mixing.
C.)   Add blended egg whites, yogurt  and 10 bird vitamins or ½ ounce of Formula One powered vitamins (From Avitec.com)
D.)   Add 1.0 once of powered frozen freeze dried meal worms. (You can purchase from any pet store) Pulverize in your Bullet blender. ( 1 minute or till it turns into a fine power)
E.)   After mixing check for a consistent smooth baby formula. *(This makes a smooth formula for easy extraction from feeding bowel to) syringe.  
 *Can Keep up to 3 days in fridge or freeze*

Feeding sequence:

1-5 day nestling babies: feed every 30 minutes dawn to dusk.(3 -5mil’s of formula)
5-day to 2 weeks baby chicks: feed every 40 minutes dawn to dusk. ( 5-7  mils of formula)
2 week old chicks to 4 week old chicks: feed every hour. (7 -9 mils of formula)
4 week old chick to fledgling chicks: feed every 90 minutes or when they peep.
(9-11 mils of formula) * Then prepare to wean & release.

**Wean with Soaked Monkey biscuits, add cut fruit (berries, blackberries, blue berries, raspberries, berries, grapes, all diced into small pieces, and small meal worms. Place on bottom of cage and watch the bird every two hours to view how much they eat. Wean with wild bird seed and small meal worms

*They must eat on their own for two weeks before you place in aviary Then they must learn alarm calls while in aviary for two week before released with a soft release for 2 weeks.
* Then soft release is providing food outside with food and water.
(Supervised)The fledgling birds will depend on you for their food supply for up to 2 weeks.